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Merle Norman & The Polka Dot Zebra LLC

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Our Products
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John Wind
The Polka Dot Zebra carries personalized jewelry including John Wind Sorority Gal bracelets & necklaces.

Merle Norman Cosmetics
The Polka Dot Zebra carries a full line of Merle Norman Cosmetics. Our Spa Room offers facial and waxing services by a licensed esthetitian. Schedule a time to have your own consultation and discover a beautiful new you! 

It's A Girl Thing
These shirts are girly and fun.  With cute sayings from southern to faith based there is a perfect style for everyone.


Tyler Candles
These soy candles come in the yummiest scents! They are soy based and have a long burn time, filling your home with rich clean scents.


Personalized flags avaliable at The Polka Dot Zebra makes one dream of crisp Fall days to come.

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The Polka Dot Zebra/Merle Norman Cosmetics * 113 N College St * Wallace * NC * 28466